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Media sales

Advertising is the single-most important revenue stream for media outlets. Our solutions enable media executives to get smarter about advertising trends that impact the bottom line. Our data provides information that is critical to your station’s continued success.

Do you need to know the top booking political agencies?

Pharos has tracked $3.4 billion place by 1,442 agencies in all 210 media markets.

Do you lack the data to make accurate sales projections?

Delta has four years of historical spending totaling more than $5.7 billion across broadcast, cable, radio and satellite. Pharos shows how far in advance media is places, allowing you to properly prepare your projections.

Do you need to know exactly what broadcast television stations are charging political advertisers?

Pharos has rates by program updated every 48 hours, giving you accurate broadcast costs in real-time.

Do you need guidance when setting your rate cards?

Pharos can tell you by advertiser and time period exactly what rates each station in a market is charging.

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