Our Staff

Kyle Roberts - President, CEO

Kyle Roberts

President, CEO

Kyle is a history book reading, C-SPAN devotee, and lover of government and politics. But most importantly he is our fearless leader, and biggest cheerleader. Kyle is a New Jersey native but we don’t hold that against him. He came to his senses after college and now lives in Alexandria, VA with his wife and three children.

Kristine Lawrence - Executive Assistant

Kristine Lawrence

Executive Assistant

In DC, it’s rare to meet someone who actually grew up here, but we lucked out with Kristine. When she’s not cheering on her Washington Redskins, you can find her running after her two little ones, Olivia and Mikey. Kristine, a George Washington University alum, shares every mom’s wish to be able teleport, but she would use her power to visit Patagonia. As our Executive Assistant, Kristine keeps our office ...

Anthony Garrido - Product Manager, AdMo

Anthony Garrido

Product Manager, AdMo

Any given weekend, chances are good that you could catch Anthony at one of two places: the Jersey Shore or a sporting event. He’s currently working on hitting every MLB stadium, but you’ll never hear him root for anyone other than the Mets (Let’s Go Mets!). His roots are in Jersey but since attending Catholic University, he’s made a new home in DC. As our Product Manager for AdMo, he ...

Nick Stapleton - Vice President of Analytics

Nick Stapleton

Vice President of Analytics

After spending all day in our office, it only makes sense that Nick tries to spend as much of his off time outdoors. His current goal is to visit all 59 US National Parks, but he can also be found just enjoying a rooftop bar in DC if the weather is nice. A University of Pittsburgh grad, Nick’s sense of adventure is probably why he wishes he had the ability ...

Mandie McILvaine - Product Manager, Pharos

Mandie McILvaine

Product Manager, Pharos

There is no doubt that Mandie truly believes in finding joy in every situation. For her, every day is different and nothing is impossible except maybe being without her husband, Rudy, and English Bulldog, Bacchus. A West Virginia University graduate, Mandie’s love for the Mountaineers only rivals her love for America. As our Product Manager for Pharos, she is closely acquainted with the FCC public file and all those spot ...

Michael Schader - Chief Technology Officer

Michael Schader

Chief Technology Officer

When Michael says he has robots for pets, the man isn’t joking. His favorite places are Germany and his robot lab at home. With degrees from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and George Mason University and a PhD underway, Michael is all about programming —and Red Sox baseball. As our Chief Technology Officer, he is making sure that all of our software and data are working just right. While Michael wishes he ...

Joseph Wright - Research Analyst

Joseph Wright

Research Analyst

Joe grew up in good old Rocky Top but he’s gotten used to calling DC home since graduating from Wake Forest University. Like anyone Washingtonian, he’s been thinking of ways to say goodbye to riding the Metro. His newest option: Gaining super speed as his secret power. Joe’s dependability really shines as one of our Research Analysts where he ensures our client’s know exactly what’s happening in competitive spending.