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Candidate, campaign managers & consultants

A political campaign is only as solid as the end result. Our solutions provide real-time reporting on ever-powerful media spending and messaging that impacts strategy and execution, aiding in your campaign’s race to the finish line.

Do you need to view both the advertisements that are airing in your race and the spending behind them?

AdMo is the only tool that alerts you in real time and provides the actual spending by advertiser not a projection.

Would knowing the spending in your race the last cycle help you build your campaign?

We track spending in every federal race across the country. Delta can tell you who was active, how much they spent and when they advertised.

Do you need planning costs in real-time?

Pharos provides rates by program that are updated every 48 hours, giving you accurate broadcast costs in real-time?

Do you need to pay lower advertising rates than your opponents?

Of course. Pharos is the only product on the market which automatically alerts you when a competitor is paying a lower rate.

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