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Sales teams and rep firms trust Pharos because it allows them to see what the competitive landscape looks like and what rates the advertisers are paying on the various stations in a market and the firm that reps them.

Competitive Landscape REPORT 1

This report is the cover page to your customized Pharos dashboard. The map is heated by total spending in each market, and when you select a market, you will be led to other reports that give you more insight into each market, such as spending by year, station share of dollars, spots, and average Cost Per Spot, rates advertisers are paying, and share by advertiser and agency.

Station rates by quarter REPORT 3

This station report is just one example of how you can use historical rates to help determine future trends. The average Cost Per Spot on the selected station can be broken down into time blocks or dayparts and it allows you to see the change in Cost Per Spot by quarter for a selected year and advertiser type (Political Candidate or Issue Group).

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